Friday, September 3, 2010

Slight training setback.

On July 30th, I headed to Atlanta on a business trip. While in Atlanta, I felt like crap all week. I blamed it on picking up something on the flight. When I returned home on Aug 6th, I still felt like crap. Fever, body ache etc. At 10PM on Aug 7th, I went to the emergecy room. After several hours, the doctors ordered a complete blood count. It was determined at that point, I had almost zero for counts. Immediately they put me into a clean room and people began masking up before they came into my room.  I had no immune system at that point.

The doctor explained that I may have some type of virus. He also mentioned that it could be some form of leukemia. I did not even know what leukemia was 22 days ago. Next came the phone call to my wife. It is 2 AM.  She had stayed home with the kids. She was a CNA years ago so she has a decent medical background. That was a tough call to make.

So the next several days consisted of blood tests and my bone marrow biopsy.  Keep in mond, I almost passout at my yearly physical when they draw blood.  Results came in on Aug 12th. It was Leukemia.  Specifically AML M5. Immediatly in went the PICK  (line that goes into your arm and feeds into your checst cavity ) and induction started Chemo started.  This consists of being on IV chemo for 22 hours a day for 7 days.  On day 14 they tested my bone marrow (by drilling into it) and the chemo had worked.  It put the leukemia into remission as the doctors had hoped.

The next step is to wait for my white blood counts to come back.  It is now day 22 and my counts have not come back up yet.  I have had 4 blood transfusions and several platelet transfusions.  This is pretty typical treatment from what I understand.  As soon as my counts come up, I can go home.

The next step is a bone marrow transplant.  We have a meeting scheduled with a doctor in Boston for the second week in September for a consultation to see what that involved.  The doctor feels that without the transplant, the leukemia will most likely relapse.  My sister has sent in her sample and we are waiting to hear the results.

Last night I broke a fever.  This is a big when this happens since my immune system is so weak.  Nurses come running in, take tons of blood, I have to pee in a cup bah blah..  I just broke another fever this afternoon.  Same deal, more blood, more urine.  This time they took an x-ray of my chest to ensure I do not have pneumonia. 

The doctor is a bit concerned my numbers have not come back up yet.  She did another bone marrow biopsy today to see if possibly the leukemia has returned.  We need to wait until Tuesday for the results.

Right now I am just bored and want to go home.  Most of my hair has fallen out.  Doesn't bother me though.  We are staying positive and taking 1 day at a time.  I have lost that 10 lbs I have been trying to loose for over a year :)

I just want to thank all of our friends, family, co-workers for everything they have done for us over the last month.  It has been overwhelming.  Just overwhelming!!


Jennifer Roark said...

Chad, I continue to think of you every single day. I am praying for this to be all over for you (and your family). So much to deal with, when you least expect it. Just crazy!!! Thanks for the blog update...its nice to know this is you talking. Hang in there!! Love ya!!!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from ya Chad! We are all thinking of you constantly. I know you are anxious to come home! I jokingly said to Sonya the other day that I can picture you making graphs and spreadsheets showing your progress to keep yourself busy :) What a crazy 22 days you've had. I'm glad you are staying positive and so are we. Hang in there... xoxMollie

Mary IronMatron said...

Oh God, Chad. I am so sorry. I'm glad you have a positive attitude, and I hope it is not a relapse. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Great to actually get to see you AND "hear" your words. We talk about you all the time and can't wait to hear the words that you are coming home. Hollis will feel like Heaven on Earth that day!!
My brother stopped in this morning all filled with anxiety..pacing the floors about girl issues and I said HEY, keep things in prospective... think of Chad!
Your good attitude is contagious! We are rooting for you and staying positive.
love, sonya

Ange said...

Oh I am so so sorry to hear about this Chad. I will send prayers your way. Stay strong.

MaineSport said...

Holy crap! Chad- I've enjoyed your blogs, but we never met. I can relate somewhat to what you're going through, and I'm terribly sorry. My one suggestion is to keep writing. I really feel that 1) the cathartic nature of writing can help you, 2) it might help just one other person, or perhaps more, to put life into perspective, and 3) someone reading this might end up going through it also or know someone who does. My thoughts are with you.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're updating your blog Chad. It's good therapy for you and keeps us all updated. Keep up the positive attitude and you'll be back at 'em in no time. I like the head shaven look too. I like bald men:)

Katy Dixon said...

Hey Charlie...thinking of you, as always. We are praying for you every night. We love you Chad, stay strong and soon this will all be over!! XOXOX ~Kiki and Trevor