Wednesday, November 30, 2011

1 Year and Counting

During the month of November, we celebrated my one year bone marrow transplant anniversary.   Crystal made a birthday cake and her, I and the kids celebrated my first birthday with my new immune system. 
I was also released by the doctor to return to the office full time.  It is an amazing feeling to be contributing to society again.  I have signed up for the gym.  I have been running at lunch.  Over the next month I am going to start swimming again.  I am also mixing in P90X and weight training.  It feels good.  Really good!

I still have not grown my hair back.  Paige keeps asking when it is going to grow back.  At this point, we are starting to wonder if it will grow back.

Last weekend I spent time with my 3 best friends.  It was the first time we have hung out in a long time in proper fashion.  These are the kind of buddies that when we all get together, we retell the same stories from 15 years ago.  You know the stories.  We all have them.  Every time we tell the stories, they get funnier and funnier.  We sometimes do not all see each other for years at a time.  When we all get together though, we pick up right where we left off.   True friends are always there for you and these guys have always been there for me.  Thanks guys..

When I was discharged from the hospital, the doctor told me that I had to start weaingr a Medic Alert bracelet to let emergency personnel know that I have had a bone marrow transplant.  It is bright orange to symbolize leukemia.  A friend recently asked me how long I needed to wear the bracelet for.  I told her forever.  I then thought about my response to her.  I followed up my response to her by saying something like. "This bracelet is a good reminder of the important things in life. Occasionally, the bright orange catches my eye and regardless of the type of day I am having, I am reminded how lucky I am."


Erin said...

Don't you mean (cough) 20 years (cough) hehe :)
That continued friendship is pure magic, pretty awesome stuff.

Anonymous said...

you do have some great friends Chad!!! I love your comment about the orange braclet, I too have a different perspective on life since this whole thing but my orange braclet is You, Crystal, Nolan and Paige.

Anonymous said...

oops I forgot
Rhonda :)

Sonya said...

Oh Chad! You just made my day!
nuff said:)
hugs! Sonya