Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 100

So, today is day 103 post transplant. This weekend, I was able to eat carry-out pizza for the first time since transplant. I asked Crystal to pick up Pizza Hut, but she ended up getting a pizza from Lowes. It was OK. I am not crazy about their sauce.

Over the past week, food has begun to taste better to me. I can eat almost anything I could before the transplant. It is such a great feeling. I am even putting some weight back on.

We finally got our treadmill put together (almost). We purchased a treadmill for me to build my strength back up and get some exercise. It came in with about 10 broken pieces. We called the manufacturer and they shipped out the broken pieces. They said once the parts come in, they would send someone to come out and put the treadmill together for us. So, we called when the parts came in. We then were told the technician would call us. After a week, no call. We called back and finally get a hold of the installer. He says he will be here in 2 weeks to install. So he comes out in 2 weeks to install. He makes it clear he is not here to setup the machine as the manufacturer had told us, only replace all the broken pieces. Arghhh. I ended up setting up the machine. Come to find out, we are still missing pieces. We ordered the thing at the end of December. Do not order direct from Proform. They suck!!!!

The sheild

Nolan's pink cake.
One more quick story.  A couple of weeks ago, I had to make a cake for Nolan’s Cub Scout awards banquet.  I was told it had to be a Viking theme.  He had just made a round red Viking shield with a snake on it.  I thought that would be perfect.  Well, come find out, it is almost impossible to make red frosting.  I used almost a full thing of food coloring, and the frosting still came out pink.  We later found out it was a cake competition.  Poor Nolan had to walk into the Den meeting with a pink cake with what looked like a white turd on top.  Poor kid…

Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 100 Approaching

So today is day 95 post transplant. Day 100 is a pretty big milestone the doctors say. Once I pass day 100, I am out of the woods as far as being effected by acute (possibly fatal) Graft vs. Host disease. Now over the next months, I need to look out for chronic Graft vs. Host. Typically chronic is not fatal and treatable with meds. Could effect my skin, my eyes, intestines etc.

According to the doctors, Right now I am doing great. I feel great aside from the occasional lack of energy. I am anxious to get back to work! The days are getting pretty long and boring. Here is my typical day:

  • Get up at 6:30AM to help get the kids ready.
  • Bring Nolan to his grandparents at 7:00AM to get onto the bus.
  • Return home and have breakfast. Typically a raspberry toaster strudel.
  • Take pills.
  • Watch Judge Judy, Judge Shapiro, and Judge Joe Brown.
  • Take pills.
  • Watch various cooking shows while in and out of semi-conscious state on the couch.
  • Awake with hunger pains.
  • Make a shake from vanilla ice cream, peanut butter cups, protein powder and sugar and have that for lunch.
  • Cover up on couch with my heating blanket because I am now freezing from the ice cream shake.
  • Drift off to sleep again with the heating blanket keeping me nice and cozy.
  • Awake and realize Crystal will be home soon.
  • Unload and load dishwasher.
  • Make bed.
  • Fold laundry – hope it is only towels in the dryer to fold. Much easier than Nolan and Paige’s in-side-out laundry that comes out of the dryer.
  • Fold and organize blankets on couch to make it appear they were not used all day.
  • Go pickup Nolan from Grandparents. 4:00PM 
So, as you can see, I have a pretty action packed day. I have a pretty eventful week this week though. Today, I need to submit some medical reimbursement paperwork, on Wednesday; I will be bringing old clothes to the Goodwill drop off at the dump. (Dump closed Mon and Tues). Thursday, I will need to let a technician into the house to work on our treadmill.

I will say it again, I am anxious to return to work in some capacity. The doctors are saying that by April, I should be able to return in some fashion. I am glad February is a short month!!