Monday, April 27, 2009

Only a few days until our first Tri of 2009

This Saturday is our first tri of 2009. Crystal has been doing great. I am also in much better shape than I was last year at this time. Last year for this race, I think my bike leg was around 48 minutes. I am hoping to take close to 10 minutes off that this year. We will see. They are saying chance of rain and in the 60's.

After reading my cousins Tri blog, I feel as though I have been slacking though... My running partners also are not shown in Triathlete magazine either though... Great job on your training Logan. You have been in inspiration to me when I am having trouble getting off my ass....

As far as training, I am doing about 10 - 15 miles a week running, 1 -2 miles in the pool and 15 - 20 miles a week on the bike... My numbers really need to start climbing after this race if I want to be ready for the 1/2 Ironman this fall..

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring is near.. I just know it...

Had a good week of training. The snow is melting so it is nice to be able to get out and not be all bundled up. On Tuesday at lunch, I was heading out to do my 3.5 mile loop. Chris from work was also heading out. He was going to do a 5 mile loop. He asked me to join him so I did. It is a nice loop from the office to Back Cove and back to the office. I think we did it in around 47 - 48 minutes.

Tuesday night I headed to the pool. I have been doing 1 mile each session. 1/3 mile freestyle, 1/3 mile with flippers and a 1/3 mile with a pull buoy.

Thursday I got out for another run at lunch. I just did my 3.5 mile loop. That night I headed to the pool to get in my mile.

Over the weekend (Sunday) I went out for what I thought was going to be 6.2 My neighbor Renee told me about a nice hilly loop she is doing to train for the Beach to Beacon. After Crystal got back from her 4.5, I headed out. I got to the point in the run where the 6.2 could turn into a 7.5. I took the 7.5 turn. When I got to the point where the 7.5 could turn into a 10.5, I took the 10.5 turn.

So, almost 2 hours later I made it back home, a bit sore with a major blister on my little toe, an upset wife because I was gone for so long and she had gotten worried that I was dead in a ditch. But, I was psyched. 10.5 miles. No stopping. I have never run that far in my life! And today is Monday and I was able to walk. Actually walk!!! A little sore, but not bad.

So for the week, 2 miles in the water and 19 miles running. No miles on the bike though.. I know I know.. I plan on going to the gym tomorrow to try to get on the stationary. My bike is still in for a tune up. It is ready to be picked up, but it is in Freeport. We are waiting until this weekend to go up, because Jaimie is getting a Scott S30 in for Crystal to try out. Nolan is not feeling well tonight though. I may need to stay home with him tomorrow. If that is the case, I will not make the gym...