Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 28 in the Hospital

Well, today is day 28 in the hospital.  Getting pretty boring.  I am feeling fine though.  Counts came up again today!!

Crystal came in and spent most of the day with me yesterday while the Dixon's watched the kids.  Mom and Dad also came in.  Crystal is sleeping over tonight.  It is our "Date Night".  Which by the way is a pretty funny movie.  Just rented it on my fancy new iPad.  A bunch of people chipped in at work and bought me an iPad and got Crystal a gift certificate to a spa.  I love the iPad.  I also rented Death at a Funeral on the iPad which was also very funny.

The other night I spiked a fever and the doctor got concerned.  Since I have no immune system, this is a big deal to them.  So Friday, I had a chest x ray to make sure there was not any pneumonia in my chest.  They came right to my room with the x ray machine.  No trace of pneumonia showed up.

For another test, the doctor also ordered a CT scan.  This means I actually had to leave the 5th floor and go to the Radiology Department.  This would be my first time off the floor in close to four weeks.  Field trip!!!  So this guy shows up to pick me up with a wheelchair.  I get my mask on (have to wear a mask whenever I leave my pressurized room) and off we go.  As he is pushing me down the hall, suddenly we take a hard left turn and almost hit the wall.  Apparently the left brake had locked up on wheel chair.

He messes with it and fixes it and off we go again.  Onto the elevator.  Yippee.  Off the 5th floor.  The elevator shuts and it is just my wheelchair pusher and me.  No conversation.  Then he starts coughing.  Uncontrollably.  I am thinking, "Hey, I have no immune system here buddy!"  The doors open and he stops coughing and starts pushing again.  We make it about 200 feet and hard left turn again.  Brake locked up again.  He is now mumbling under his breath.

He parks my wheelchair in an empty area in radiology.  He says someone will be right with you and he leaves.  So I am sitting there in my wheelchair for maybe 10 minutes.  A nice lady comes out and says "Are you all ready?"  I say "Sure."  She wheels me into the CT room.  Lays me on the table and slides me in and leaves the room.  She says you will hear breathing instructions and it may feel like your butt is getting hot.  What??  What does that mean????

So I hear a pre-recorded voice saying "Breath in....  Hold you breath."  This happens several times.  With my mask on, I am now starting to hyperventilate.  She now speaks over the intercom, your butt will start to feel hot soon.  More hyperventilating.  What does that mean?  My butt will be hot??  Then I feel it.  It was just weird is how I am going to leave it.  The prcedure is now done.

They wheel me back out to the holding area and I wait for a wheel chair pusher.  After 15 mintues, the same guy shows up and pushes me back.  1 one brake lockup on the way back to the room and and no coughing in the elevator.

So that was my big excitement yesterday.  :)


Mary IronMatron said...

Hang in there! Hey, you got off the 5th floor! :)

Arlene said...

So glad you are updating your blog - it is good to follow your progress. Stay strong and fight like hell.

Sonya said...

Okay.... so I know your wheel chair, CT scan experience isn't really funny but i practically died laughing when i read it!!
So glad your blood levels are still going up.
Have a fun date night!

Anonymous said...

Thinking about you all the time, Chad! Stay strong...! I am with Sonya - I was laughing when I read about your ordeal and I thought, you are a great writer! Keep it up!

JJM said...

DATE NIGHT!!!!!!!!! Both movie and with Crystal are fantastic. Ryan and I saw the film just on a whim and I don't think I laughed so hard at a movie in my life.

iPad huh, in DC we have iPad posers(people with them that sit in coffee shops, just to show everyone to say "look at what I got"