Thursday, September 23, 2010

Brain Radiation and Spinal Chemo

So we got some more good news today.  In addition to giving me chemo every 2 days in my spine, they are now going to give me full brain radiation treatment for the next 10 days to ensure that the leukemia does not cause any permanent damage to my brain. 

I am meeting with the radiologist tomorrow and they are going to fill me in on the pros and cons of brain radiation.  This is the first procedure that I am really not crazy about.  Brain radiation!!!  It sounds so serious.  The Internet has told me it is nothing too major though.  We shall see.

This will set us back a bit as far as the transplant goes.  The plan as it stands right now is, 10 days of brain radiation with spinal chemo every 2 days.  Once that is done, I will have consolidation chemo to ensure the rest of my body aside from my central nervous system is kept in remission.  Consolidation chemo will last a week.  I may be able to do all of this as an outpatient.  I will find this out next week (aside from the consolidation treatment).  My counts will drop at home and I will need to make a few trips into the Cancer Center for occasional blood and / or platelet transfusions.  Once my counts have rebounded and I am feeling fine, I will more than likely head to Boston for the transplant.  Best case scenario I would say I will be in Boston by the first of November.  This would be good so I can be back home by Christmas.  But, If I have learned anything over the past 1 1/2 months, it is not to make plans too far in advance...


Arlene said...

Cripes Chad - you get to have all the fun!!!

Just another hurdle to clear - and clear it you will.

Keeping you close - Love Auntie 'Lene & John

Sonya said...

Chad this blog is so darn helpful. I have people asking how you are and it's so great that I know what to say. My sister and brother called me today coincidentally to ask about you. The more information the better since my head spins with a gazillion questions naturally:)so thanks!! Mark's co-workers wife works in your unit... she's a head nurse... last name Odriscoll (sp?)..maybe Karen is her first name? I hear the staff is great in there. I bet they love you!

Coach Logan said...

Your calendar is more packed than mine and that says a lot. It's nice you'll be able to be at home for some of this.
Started to think about you while riding today. It didn't last long because I was going wicked fast....I shouldn't think too much when I ride...that's a bad combo.
Stay focused and positive my man.

Jennifer said...

Radiation, consolidation, transplant, sounds like your applying for a mortgage....with everything going on, you know exactly what plan a is. I can't even remember if i turned the coffee pot off. Jk...ben and i think about you everyday and wish we could be closer to come visit the looks of your blog and talking to crystal, you guys have a lot of support around you. Hang in there buddy....Luv yah

Anonymous said...

You're in our thoughts, Chad.

Michelle D.

Charlene said...

Thinking of you guys every day. The blog is very helpful to keep up on what is going on. You're missed here at PWD. I saw a few good apps in Wired magazine for the ipad - I'll try to remember to look them up and send them to you.

Anonymous said...

We're thinking of you Chad! Hope you had a good date night with Crystal! Tam