Thursday, September 9, 2010

Good and not so good news.

My neutrophils are up again. Up to .22 today. We need to be at .50 to go home. I am shooting for .40 tomorrow. We shall see!

Doctor stopped by today. She let me know my sister is not a match for my bone marrow transplant. I do not know who was more disappointed, me or my sister.

Doctor then went on to say that I have a fairly common HLA type so it should not be difficult to find a match from the national bone marrow bank. I will pass on more info as I get it.

My nurse I have today lives in Buxton about 1/4 of a mile from where I grew up. Right on Memory Lane. Another nurse I have is Adam Black's fiancé. Small world..

Other than that, no big news from Maine Med. Time to figure out what to choose for dinner tonight from the expansive Maine Med room service menu :)


Arlene said...

I'm on the national registry - and I am a relative - but sadly I am too old to be a donor now - how the hell did that happen!!!

So glad your counts are rising - keep it up!

JJM said...

Chad, I would sign up in a heart beat but I have the curse of living in the UK for too long! Mad Cow Disease could be running in my blood so they wont let me. I guess that is better than foot and mouth.

Great news on the counts keep it going.

BTW LMAO on the Nurse checks every 4 hours or so! They even said to me one of my 3 trips in, you look really tired, you should get some rest. :)

Jennifer Roark said...

Great news on the counts going up...not so great that Rhonda is not a match but lets just hope for a match from national registry!!!
Funny that you have Rachel as your nurse (Adam's fiance). Definitely a small world!! Take care Chad...crossing my fingers for .40 for tomorrow!!!!

Sonya said...

Not sure how to get myself on that National Bank but I definately want to do it the next chance I get in honor of you!! I'll pray for a .40 tomorrow. I LOVE this blog. Thanks for keeping us posted!

daniel tucker said...

hey chad mom just showed me this My girlfriend Milena works in the lab tech department of Maine Med she said she went up to say Hi because she works on Gibson floor through out the week but she said you were sleeping I told her she needed to get some of the nurses together to come sing to you!!! :) So how do you get on the national registry to see if i can donate my bone marrow???

Anonymous said...

Come on .50!! We're praying hard Chad!

Anonymous said...

Your numbers exceeded your stretch goal - great! .5 is right around the corner.

As for the match - you'll find one. No stone will go unturned in the search. Keep the faith. Linda

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm on the registry too and keep hoping that someday I'll get a call saying that I'm a match for someone. Wouldn't it be amazing if it was you! Keep up your great attitude and here's hoping your numbers keep going up and up:-)