Friday, September 10, 2010

Counts and how to get a Bone Marrow Test

Counts went in the wrong direction today.  Went from .22 to .19.  Doctor said it was probably due to the increase in antibiotics they have been giving me.  I thought they had been hanging an extra bag or two of stuff on my IV pole.  She said she was going to back off and see if that helps.  Good call doc!

Also, since finding out my sister is not a match, Crystal and I have gotten several questions about how to get a bone marrow test.  If you are interested in being tested, please visit the following website.  It is a  site where you can learn about the bone marrow testing and donating process.  You can also sign up to have a test kit sent to your house.

The doctor did say that as soon as my counts hit .50, I would be released.  Typically, once you hit .50, they remove you from all antibiotics and then monitor you for another 24 hours to make sure you do not break a fever.  My doc has said as soon as I hit .50, I am out the door. :)  Paperwork is all done.


Arlene said...

Sorry for the little backslide - but forge ahead for tomorrow's counts. We will keep all the roads to Hollis clear so once you get the go-ahead it will be clear sailing to home!!!

Great info on the marrow registry - let's drum up the business!!!

Mollie said...

bummer, but it's just a small set back..40 tomorrow?!!!

Mary IronMatron said...

You will get to .5o!!! Hang in there!

sonya said...

Thanks for the donor info... I signed up!
bummer about your levels... let's hope the decrease in antibiotics does the trick!
let me know if there is anything more i can do in regard to bone marrow donorship... it would be great to be tested specifically for you :) :) My dad asked if he could be tested to be your donor... i had to break the news to him that he is too old:( it was cute that he asked... he's been reading your blog.

MaineSport said...

Improvement won't be a straight line, but I hope the general direction stays positive. Keep up the good spirits!