Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day 2010

So Crystal "slept over" last night.  Thanks hun for putting up with me.  Also thanks for putting up with the nurses coming in at 11PM, 3AM and 6AM to check my vitals, take my blood and give my antibiotics.  It also helps ensure it is impossible to ever get more than  3 - 4 hours of sleep.
So today was another big day day.  I got to go outside!!  Below is a picture as proof.  It is just about the goofiest picture of me I have ever seen, but hey, I was outside for the first time in a month.

Amy, the nurse I had today (one of our favorites) came in and asked, "Have you gotten to go outside since you have been here?"  I said "No, I went to Radiology the other day though."  She laughed.  She said she would get me a wheelchair and Crystal could bring me outside as long as I wore my mask.   I was actually going outside.  First I went to Radiology, and today I was going outside!  Crystal and I were so excited. 

Crystal took control of the situation, "It is sunny out so get your hat.  You don't want to get a sunburn on your head.  You can wear my sunglasses.  Don't forget your mask."  The nurse showed up with the wheel chair.  Off we go!!!

The first place she wheeled me to was the little sitting area in the horseshoe of Maine Med.  It was awesome.  We sat out there for about 15 minutes.  The only bad part were the pigeons.  I am a complete germaphobe now.  I thought they were going to come land on us or shit on us or something.  I am not sure what I was thinking.  Just not crazy about pigeons right now.  I kept having Crystal throw rocks at them to keep them away.  She whacked a few of them pretty good. 

Next she wheeled me over to the new patio area in the new wing of the hospital.  That is where the picture was taken.  We stayed out there for 10 minutes or so.  I kept sneaking the mask down so I could actually breath the fresh air.  It was nice.

For lunch, the Brown's came in and brought Amatos.  Actual food.  No hospital food.  It was awesome.  In the afternoon, my Aunt came in.  The other day, I had made a post on my Facebook page of a quote my sister passed onto me.  My Aunt printed off the quote and framed it.  I busted out crying when she gave it to me.  Chemo must have effected my tear ducts....

More good news.  My counts were up again today.  This is the 3rd day in a row they have gone up.  I actually have Neutraphils now.  They are a measure of how effective your immune system is.  They are only at .03, but I have some.  There need to get to .5 before I can be released, but Amy the nurse said that once these start rising, they typically come up fairly quick.  We shall see.

All and all, a great Labor Day.  Can't say off the top of my head what I did last year for Labor Day, but I am sure I will be able to tell you next year what I did on Labor Day 2010.


Jennifer Roark said...

Wonderful!!! Just so great to read this...I am so happy that you got to be outside for a little bit today. It was great weather today!!! And such great news that your counts are still rising. Thinking of you all the time!
XO, Jenn

Nitsirk said...

Wow, I just read about what happened. Holy cow. I am glad you are improving. You seem to have a great attitude. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and sending mojo for a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

YEAH Chad! I'm so happy that you got to go outside today. I hope those little Neutraphils keep on rising!!! I love reading your blog and only wish that I could be as positive about things as you are.

MaineSport said...

Little victories are victories nonetheless. Keep it up!

Sonya said...

Jenn and I went to Tassle Top today with our kids. We complained when the sun hid in the clouds for a bit and chilled us. We take so much for granted when we are healthy!! Thanks for good reminders to appreciate the little things. You are so awesome to be so positive. Oh and our little half pint children did a great job of chasing away the seagulls today at the lake... bet they would've kept you clear of pigeons too. William would've loved the job of throwing rocks at em' he's my crazy one! keep those levels climbing... maybe you'll get to go home for a bit before the 15th. that would be great!
thinking of you tons

Anonymous said...

OMG!! I love the picture :) I'm sooo glad you got outside today with your honey. You guys are the best!! XO

Anonymous said...

that last comment was me :)

Mollie said...

Great news, glad to hear it! It's funny how it takes something like this to give us all some perspective... I know your attitude has something to do with your numbers going up. I think you've learned how to dance in the rain. :)Mollie

Anonymous said...

we really enjoy ur blog chad, glad to here ur blood count is rising, keep fighting , better days are ahead.hope to see u reggie & vicki

Kirsten said...

So glad that your numbers are improving! Keep up the good fight and the positive attitude :-)

Anonymous said...

Love you, hun. That's all I need to say:)

JJM said...

Man can I relate to getting out, when I was in this past winter even after a week, I was thrilled when the PT took me for a walk even if it was on my broken ankle. So times that by 100 at least and I think I can relate.
As far as pegions go, I can totally relate. Good for Crystal and her pin point rock throwing.

I am reading backwards through the blog, but loved the story of Nolan kids are great, and something to look forward too.

Very Happy to hear your counts are going up, and like the challenge for the next one. Keep it up.

All of Scotland send their love bud!!