Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Numbers up, Hair Loss and Room Tour

My numbers are up again today.  The number we are really zeroing in on are the Neutraphils.  They need to be up to .50 before I can be released.  History over the last few days:

Sunday - .00
Monday - .03
Tuesday - .04
Wednesday - .09

I am hoping for .20 tomorrow.  It is a stretch, but why not shoot for a high number!

Also, wanted to give everyone an update on the hair situation.  It is still falling out, but the loss has slowed.  Not sure if I will go completely bald or not.  Here is a pic I took this morning.

I am realizing that the moles I have felt under my hair for the last several years are much larger than they felt.  Just as any type of  of skin growth is, they are very attractive hanging off my head.

I have also included a couple pictures of my room.  It is much smaller than it appears in the pictures.  The first is the table I spend most of my time at.  The second is the the bathroom door where we track all my blood counts.

I am still feeling fine.  Energy level gets low throughout the day.  They say that comes with territory.

Crystal and I had a family trip to Disney planned for this November.  Looking at my schedule for the next few months, we made the decision that I would not be able to go.  I told Crystal she should still bring the kids and a friend or family member.  Crystal discussed it with Nolan that night and left it up to him.  She asked him if he still wanted to go but Dad would not be able to go.  He said, "No.  We should wait until he is feeling better."  Big decision for a 7 year old.  So, we were able to get a (almost) full refund on the trip.   This is a good thing!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Numbers are going up every day, that's a good sign. Re: Disney, quite a mature decision for a 7 year old to make. He must like being with his Dad very much. Sorry about the size of your room - you should be on the maternity ward - now that's a room!Take care, Linda.

Mollie said...

good news, glad to hear it! The story about Nolan made me cry, how cute is that? and I'm very glad he wanted to wait for daddy.

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear your numbers are going up. Shannon, Josie & I wish you the best!
Nice story about Nolan. Glad you are going as a family, even if its a later date.

Mary IronMatron said...

Ahh.. Nolan. What a super kid. It will be fun to go when you are up and at it again.
So glad to hear about the climbing nubmers!

Jennifer said...

The Chadmystah! Nolan is a sweet and kind soul, just like you;) i hope you don't mind but crystal sent me your link and i've passed it on... what a great way to stay busy by writting your thoughts out and then sharing therapeutic.... fingers crossed for your numbers to go up fast...luv yah, jennifer

Sonya said...

Geeeze Nolan.... he is definately an old soul! I'm not surprised he made the right decision. It made me cry! Can't imagine Disney without Daddy!
I love the pictures and sooo glad those levels keep going up!