Monday, September 20, 2010

Back in lockup!

I came into hospital this morning for a quick bone marrow biopsy. On the way in, I noticed I had double vision. We told my Dr. that and she immediately ordered a CT scan and a MRI. Tomorrow will be a spinal tap. She thinks we may be looking at a relapse. If that is the case, we will be looking at some more chemo. We knew more chemo was coming, just not this soon. So for now, I am back at Maine Med.


Anonymous said...

OK...Earlier chemo, earlier transplant, earlier remission!

Thanks for keeping us up to speed on your progress. I didn't realize you were such a talented writer - seriously - you're really good! Linda

Anonymous said...

Bummer!! Stay strong!


Arlene said...

You're just speeding things up a little - let's keep that road to Boston clear so you will have a smooth trip.

Keeping you close to our hearts.

Auntie 'Lene & John

Anonymous said...

Oh my. Might as well get the chemo going now - hang in there and please let me know if I can do anythng to help!!!


Mary IronMatron said...

Oh, that sucks... I'm sorry. I hope it just means that the whole process is speeded up. Easy for me to say, I know. My thoughts are with you.

Sonya said...

I am thinking of you non-stop Chad! You ARE going to beat all of this. This WILL be behind you one day... I just know it! I've been praying a bunch for you. Keep your humor and keep your fight and like Rhonda's awesome quote... continue to dance in the matter what!!! We all need to do the same when thinking of you:)

Anonymous said...

Easy for me to say, but I do like the analogy that this is just speeding everything up! Get the chemo going and get down to Bean Town. We're all behind you Chad.

DJD said...

Hey Chad, Hang in there.... don't let the highs get you too high and don't let the lows get you to low. We are thinking of you and praying for you!!
ps - you look pretty better than Paul w/ no hair! LOL ;)

Coach Logan said...

Hey Cuz-
Keep your head up! I'm thinking about you @ every workout. Groveville created some tough - good lookin' guys. Now we're just bald, tough - good lookin' guys.
Call if you want to. I'm here for ya.