Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Update on Recent Tests

So, I had my bone marrow biopsy, CAT scan, MRI and spinal tap.  None of them were that fun to say the least.  CAT scan and MRI came back good.  I have no tumors growing and my brain looks good.  Bone marrow biopsy also shows no leukemia in my bone marrow.  This is all good news.

During the spinal tap, they extracted some spinal fluid, about 2 oz and also injected 2 oz of chemo directly into my spine.  They ran test on the extracted fluid and have found leukemic cells in my spinal fluid.  This means that the leukemia has entered my central nervous system (CNS).  This is why I am having double vision and currently need to wear an eye patch.

Treatment for the CNS infiltration will be every two days, they will give me a spinal tap, extract 2 oz of spinal fluid from my spine (which by the way is crystal clear), and inject my spine with 2 oz of chemo fluid.  They may also start me on my consolidation chemo while I am in here.  This is where chemo is dripped in via IV into my arm.  Still waiting on that decision.

Aside from that, pretty quite here at Maine Med.  Crystal is home sick today.  She has some respiratory infection going on :(  Get better soon hun...   We are not sure what all this means yet, but I will update the blog as as soon as I find out.


Anonymous said...

Bald and an eye patch, you're like a pirate!! It is good they found the residual and are treating it. Stay strong Chad!

Nitsirk said...

Sorry to hear you are back at the hospital. It sounds like you are keeping a positive attitude which is awesome. Hang in there.

Sonya said...

It's so great to hear that most of the tests came back clear. Certainly good to have full brain power:) Hopefully this treatment will zap the last bits of the leukemia in the spinal fluid and you'll be crystal clear and sparkling all over. I'm guessing it's a really good sign that your bone marrow is clear. Thinking of Crystal too and hoping she is better soon.

Coach Logan said...

That's postive news Cuz. Stay strong and hope for more positive news in the next few days.
I hope Crystal gets to feeling better soon.

wildman said...

Chad & Family,

As President of the Board of Trustees of Portland Water District I wish you God's speed for a quick recovery and send best wishes to you and your family

Bill Lunt
PWD Trustee

Anonymous said...

Thinking about you and your family Chad. Heal quickly, rest easy, and hang tough. Take care cuz. Ryan