Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It is Tuesday and I did not have to shovel today

Well, the storm that they were predicting 1" - 3" inches of snow out of on Sunday night, turned into 16" of heavy wet snow. Just great...

I wake up early Monday to the sound of what I thought was my neighbor snowblowing. I think what the hell is he doing snowblowing this early. I look at the clock to see what time it is and realize, we have no power. The sound of the snowblower is the sound of my neighbors generator. I get up and look out the window and realize we have been dumped on (again).

Anyway, back to the training. On Saturday, I ended up running 5.5 instead of the 4.5. Felt good, but wind was gusting to 20mph.. Sunday we went sliding with the kids. I added a couple of pics. We walked up and down the hill about 20 times. I am counting that as training. Especially because Paige had to be carried up every time. Later in the day Sunday, Crystal and I went to the pool. We swam a little over a mile. Both of us felt good. She glides through the water much better than I though..

Monday due to the snow, no training. Unless you count 2 1/2 hours shoveling and snowblowing! That brings us to today. Tuesday. I just got back from going to the pool (30 miles round trip to the pool and back) As I am walking up to the pool, I look in and there is only 2 people in the pool. I am psyched. Usually need to share lanes etc.. I get inside and the guy at the counter says the pool is closed. I point out to him that there are people swimming and there is a lifeguard on duty. He states the pool is closed. At this point I am pissed.

I get home and look at the website and sure enough, there is a note that the pool will be closed on the 24th. The notice was not there yesterday. I sent an email to the aquatic director to get some clarification. We will see if he responds...

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