Sunday, February 15, 2009

Finding time

So it is Sunday after the PolarBear 5K. Great day. Sun is out and it is cresting 40.... The Dixon's and the Dyers are coming over later for the 500.

We are up at 7:00. Slept in!!! Paige came in our room around 5:00 and fell back asleep!!! Yehaa.. We got up and fed the kids.. Crystal was off to grocery shop at 7:30.. She got back and we unloaded groceries. It was now 9:15. Crystal is signing up for one of her tris this morning. Registration was at 10AM on Active. We had 45 minutes so we decided to do our Jillian DVD. It is 27 minutes of cardio, core and strength training.. Not to sound like a wus, but it is pretty god damn tough..... Especially while we are in the basement watching our 10 year old TV with Paige trying to exercise with us.... "Look out Paige... get on the couch... your gonna get stepped on.".. She just looks at us and says.. "I working out Dadda....."

We got done at 9:59.. Crystal got online and signed up for her tri... Sold out in 25 minutes..

10:30, I start thinking it is nice enough to go for a bike ride. I check out my bike and realize I need air in both tires. I go to the shed to get the pump and have to move the snow blower and then the go cart to get to it.. I start thinking maybe I should get the go cart out for Nolan... Soooo I get it started up and drive it out front. I get Nolan off the couch from watching sponge bob and he is psyched... He didn't think he would get to drive it again until Spring..

So by now it's 12:30 and the kids are off to nap nap time... It is now close to 45 degrees and I head off for a bike ride. I set out to do my 10 mile loop. At the turning point to make a 10 miler a 15 miler, I opt to go 15. I am feeling great for the first ride of the year. At the junction to turn this 15 into a 17.5, I take the 17.5. I pull over to call Crystal and let her now that I am taking the long route. She doesn't answer... Still feeling great I am averaging close to 17 MPH.. And then the head wind..... The last 5 miles was right into the wind... averaged about 12 MPH... Total average was around 15. Feeling good when I get home, I

Still, I was psyched that I felt so good the first time out... Tonight, I replenished some carbs while watching the race. Feel good.

Here is link to some videos of the PolarBear 5K

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Coach Logan said...

Nice job breaking out the bike. I would have stopped at the go cart.