Tuesday, March 3, 2009

14" more inches of snow this week

It is official. I am sick of winter..!! Good news though, today U2 released their new album. Hard to be down when something like that happens!!!

So last Thursday, I went to the pool and it was actually open!! Had a great swim. Swam for about an hour. Had the pool pretty much to myself. It was nice. I was able to practice some flip turns. This is best done without an audience believe me...

Saturday was in the 40's and I was able to get out and do the 5.5 loop. Finished in just over 45 minutes. I was happy with the time and was not sore at all. Another couple weeks at 5.5 and I am going to start stepping up the mileage.

Tonight I went to the pool after dinner. It was close to 8:00 by the time I got into the pool. Swam a little over a mile. I am starting to get a cold. Felt OK but struggled to get air.. damn breathing issue that is not going away.... I need to figure out why I can't seem take more than 1 stroke without coming up for air....

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