Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Numbers Going Up, Up, Up...

So, I finished up radiation this week.  Yesterday was my last session.  I am feeling good still.  They let me keep my "mask".  I now have it hanging in my room.  I keep telling people I am going to hand out Halloween candy wearing it...

My numbers have also started to climb.  Based on the way they are rising, I should be out on Friday or Saturday.  Hopefully on Friday so I can go to Nolan's flag football round robin tournament.  His team is undefeated so far this season.

Crystal was in this morning and brought me in some G2 and some more Greek yogurt.  My sister brought me in some on my first stay at the Maine Med, I am addicted to the stuff now.  It has tons of protein and helps with maintaining stomach chemistry after chemo.  Mom also came in this morning and brought me in a piece of chocolate cake that she made last night.  I think I will dig into that after this blog post.  That should help the stomach chemistry! 

The numbers.  Need ANC to get to .50 in order to go home.
Today it is at .27

While Crystal was here, the doctor also came in.  She had some updated news on transplant dates.  As it stands right now, it looks like I will be admitted into the hospital in Boston on November 5th for the transplant.  Not sure what day the actual transplant will happen.  Based on what I have read, probably about a week after admission.  We have a consult with several doctors in Boston on 10/29.  My doctor here is also seeing if we can speed up the process at all.  She is concerned that I may relapse before the transplant based on how quickly I relapsed last time.   We will have to wait and see what happens.
 In Boston, there is a whole team of doctors, nurses and coordinators assigned to my case.  Crystal is starting to work with the coordinators to arrange for housing for her while I am down there.  She will more than likely stay on the weekends due to the 2 1/2 hours it takes to get Boston from our house.  Unlike here at the Maine Med, she cannot sleep in my room.  From what they have told us, I will be in Boston for 4 - 6 weeks depending on how well my body responds to the transplant.  I have told my body to respond well, so I am sure I will be out in 4 weeks :)
View from my hospital room.  Not bad except for the smoke stack.
When I had my double vision, there were two of them!
In real life, I love "people watching".  In the hospital, this is not as much fun.  Each day as I do my two miles walking around the hospital,  I tend to keep my eyes to the ground.  This helps shield me from the sights you see in the hospital.  You see, my walking loop cover the cancer floor and the surgery recovery unit.  A lot of these people are in pretty rough shape.  Looking down helps shield you from the sights but there are still the sounds.  From today's walk I heard the following:
  • Nurse to Nurse:  "He had a heart attack and passed away a 1/2 hour ago.  His wife is on the way in."
  • Patient vomiting as I walked by their room.
  • Elderly woman to doctor: "How much time does he have left?"
  • Woman crying uncontrollably as I walked past what appeared to be her husband's room.
These are only the things that I can remember hearing.  For a while, I wore my iPod while walking to block out the sounds.  After a week of that, my battery died and I headed out for my walk without it.  I started to realize that there are some pretty good sounds also you hear while walking around the hospital if you listen closely.  From today's walk, I heard the following:
  • Nurse to patient:  "Keep your chin up, your doing great!"
  • Nurse1 to me:  "Hey Chad, how ya doin today?  How is Crystal doing?  Tell her I said hello."
  • Nurse2 to me:  "Getting your miles in?  Good for you."
  • Doctor to patient:  "Your bone marrow biopsy came back clean." 
Some days there are more "negative" than "positive" sounds to be heard in the hospital and vice versa.  Not sure what profound statement I am trying to make here other than I do not wear my iPod anymore when I walk around the hospital...
From my room, I have been able to watch the Gilman Street
 water main renewal project. 
They are finishing up today with paving.  Exciting stuff!


sonya said...

Chad, you are the best! I love this blog and I love YOU period!:)
Praying that you will get to go home this weekend!
You are always in my thoughts:)

Bethany said...

Chad, You are truly an inspiration. This is bigger than any triathlon you will ever do and your positive attitude will help you win in the end. Good luck with your transplant and I hope you get home to your family soon.

Forward Foot Strides said...

How awesome that the numbers are rising. In technical terms I don't know what that means, but it's clear that it's something good!

I have heard great things about that Greek Yogourt. And about chocolate cake too.

Coach Logan said...

You mentioning Donna's Choc Cake made my stomach start to growl. Glad to hear the #'s are going up so keep up whatever you are doing. Get rid of the's freaking me out.

Jenn Roark said...

Praying you get to go home Friday!!! Hope that cake did you good!!! Take Care!!

Mary IronMatron said...

You have the best attitude, Chad. It is inspiring. Hooray for numbers going up up up!