Monday, October 25, 2010

Family Dinner

Yesterday, our families held a benefit dinner for us before my trip to Boston next month.   Both sides of our families were there along with a few close friends.  I think there were between 60 and 70 people there.  It was extremely humbling to say the least.

I am going to be in Boston over Thanksgiving which is usually when I get to see the whole family.  I was bummed that I was not going to be able to see everyone this year due to the bone marrow transplant.   As the "cancer patient" and a self pronounced introvert without the aid of a beer or two, I was somewhat anxious. Keep in mind, this is at a gathering of my closest friends and family.

Yesterday seemed like Thanksgiving.  Everyone was there and it was a great atmosphere.  I did not feel like the "cancer patient".  I realized just how fortunate Crystal and I are to have such amazing, caring families and friends.  A few times yesterday, I had to attribute my "runny eyes" to being a side effect of the brain radiation...  Not sure if anyone bought it or not.
Even though leukemia sucks and we would rather not be going through this, it has made me a better person. It has opened my eyes to the important things in life.  I know that sounds extremely cliche, but it is true.

Banner that was created at yesterday dinner.
Tomorrow at 6:00AM, we head into the Maine Med for the morning.  They are going to take another bone marrow biopsy (drill into my hip and extract bone marrow) and also extract some spinal fluid and inject me with chemo into my spine.  The purpose of these fun procedures is to ensure the leukemia is still in remission in my bone marrow and central nervous system.  We should have the results by Thursday or Friday.  If I am not still in remission, it could push back transplant.  I feel fine though and do not have any symptoms so we feel pretty good going into tomorrow's procedures.  I also feel pretty good that they will be putting me out during the procedures :)


Caratunk Girl said...

I just found your blog and am excited to find a fellow Mainer in the blog world.

I read through some of your entries. You are such a strong and inspiring person, with such an awesome supportive group of friends and family. I hope things go well tomorrow, those procedures sound like hell. Positive thoughts for continued remission are heading your way. I hope to hear some good news in your next entry.

Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow Chad! Maintain...I look forward to reading your next update. Very inspiring outlook on life you have!K.Luce/PWD

Stacey said...

So glad that you had a good time yesterday (and I totally bought the radiation/tears story:-). Will be thinking positive thoughts for you tomorrow!!


Kirsten said...

Best of luck to you tomorrow, Chad!! Sending positive thoughts your way!


Mollie said...

good luck tomorrow! we'll be thinking of you!

Sonya said...

You are beating this disease already just by not letting it get you down and better yet gaining the realization of what really matters in life and as you said yourself... becoming a better person because of it. You are too awesome for words Chad! So glad your family dinner went so well. I'm sure everyone was so happy to see you. Thinking of you all the time and praying that you continue to be in remission. Hugs!

Coach Logan said...

WTF!!!!! There was dinner? Any know...left over?
Did anyone get pics? Wish I could have been there my man. Keep up the are keeping me motivated.