Thursday, October 14, 2010

Going Home!

Bag is Packed
Doctor came in this morning at 7:00 and said, "I think I am am going to send you home today.  Even if your numbers aren't all the way there, they are trending in the right direction." 

I said, "Great, that is good news, thank you!"  I felt like giving her a hug but I was able to exercise some self restraint.

The last thing that happens when you get released is that they pull your PICC line.  This is what they give me chemo, antibiotics, fluid and draw blood through.  It is a port with a small hose attached that runs through a vein from my bicep to just above my superior vena cava (entrance to heart, I had to look that up).  To start with, the thought of this thing being inside me freaks me out, but that does not take much.  The thought of removing it almost makes me physically ill.

The procedure is pretty straight forward.  They remove the dressing around where the line enters your bicep, tell you to bear down like you are having a bowl movement and then they "yank".   The procedure does not hurt at all, but is a strange sensation to say the least.  They came in at 11:00 to remove mine and were done by 11:10.  Aside from a well concealed panic attack during those 10 minutes, it went well.

So, Crystal is on her way in right now.  Can't wait to get home!


Anonymous said...

Saw katie and she gave me the good news!!! So happy to hear youre home!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are heading home again. Hope it is smooth sailing from here on out. Your blog is a great help to those of us that are trying to keep up with your status...glad to know with all that is going on it is not effecting your sense of humor...Keep it up!! Donna B/PWD

Coach Logan said...

Best damn news in a while. Just awesome.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! So home until Boston, right?! ENJOY! home sweet home

Anonymous said...

Great news Chad, hope those #'s keep climbing for you! Enjoy your time at home! Karen L./PWD

Anonymous said...

Yea!!!!! Great news:-)


sonya said...

Hollis welcomes you with open arms! WOW... can't even begin to imagine the feeling you must have! So psyched for your fam!

Kyle said...

Thats Awesome Chad...I am happy for you and your family.

Arlene said...

Did you hear us all cheering!!!! We are so happy - there is nothing like your own bed & toilet!!!

Keep up the blog - you have found another vocation.

Love & Hugs - Auntie Lene & John