Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2 weeks to go until Pirate Tri

With a couple weeks to go until the Pirate Tri, I am feeling good. Last week, I got in about 9 miles running, 35 miles on the bike and a mile and 1/2 in the pool.

Highlight of the week was that Crystal and I actually got to go for a ride together. Reggie and Vicki watched the kids. We did a nice 19 mile loop. She did great.

I took it easy running because my legs were just not there this week. Not sure what is up with that...

I started doing a 14 mile loop last week. Nice 1.5 mile downhill. The first time I did it, I average 16.5. I reversed it this week with the climb at the end. I average 16.7. I attached the elevation chart. Pretty good climb at the end. Hills are a definite weakness for me, so I am going to use this loop for training a bit over the summer. Nice route. Mostly bike lane and the uphill is freshly paved :)

It was Memorial day this weekend. I did have a few beers. 8 to be exact.. I have dropped 5 pounds. Hopefully, I can drop another 5 before the race. I have not tried my wetsuit on yet. Should be interesting....

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