Sunday, May 17, 2009

Training, Yard Work and no Shipyard...

The week started off great. I ran Monday and Tuesday at lunch. Both days I did my 4.6 loop. Starts flat with a few challenging hills. I took Wednesday off.

Thursday I headed to the pool. I got in 1 1/2 miles in the pool. Time was not fast, but I felt good. I am now confident that I can swim that distance. I am starting to feel comfortable / confident in the water. I did not think this day would ever come....

Friday, I got out and did a 5.2 mile run after work. Felt good at my 8 min mile pace.

I had planned on biking this weekend a couple of times. That did not happened.. Instead we had T-ball, mowed the lawn, fertilized the lawn, went to Lowes to get plants, fertilizer, stone edging, lumber, burned the winter long pileup of a burn pile, went to the pool store to get chemicals, went to the dump, took my studded tires off the Accord and put my summer tires on, installed 50' of gutters (twice, I am a computer guy, not a gutter guy I have found out), fixed the patio steps, rehung the flag - don't ask.. Needless to say, finding a few hours to bike was not in the cards..

Week 2 of no Shipyard.. I miss my buddy... :) But, I dropped 4 pounds this week.. It is working!!

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