Tuesday, July 7, 2009

LL Bean 10K Recap

First off, how can anyone not sign up for this race. The first 400 entrants get a free pair of decent running sneakers. Hats off the Beans and New Balance....

This was a great race. I had heard it was hilly. I think it is overall about the same as Beach to Beacon. The starts was crowded and slow. I really pushed hard after it opened up. I hit mile marker 1 at 7:40. This was gun time. I was 35 seconds before i crossed the start line. So this was a little over a 7 min mile. That is cruzin for me...

I kept this pace up until mile 4. Wheels started falling off. This is also about the time a person juggling past me.. That was humbling.. Mile 4 to 5 was tough for me.. I started picking up again at mile 5. I had energy again. Then the crowds started to appear as I got close to the finish. I sprinted the last several hundred yards. Great race. Gun time was 48:48. Chip time was 48:13.

My father in law Reggie also ran in the race. He beat his time goal and also never had to stop. Great job Reggie. My neighbor Renee also ran. She did great also after overcoming an injury recently.. This is definately a race I will sign up for next year..

Time to concentrate on Urban Epic tri in a couple of weeks..

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