Sunday, January 9, 2011

Only 1% of the old Chad is still kicking...

A couple of weeks ago, I had a test done that tests my immune system to see how much of my immune system is my old defective immune system vs. my new donor’s immune system. Normally at this point, the doctors want to see at least 85% to 90% of the patients immune system as the donor's. Mine tests out at 99% donor. This is great news. This means the transplant is taking and setting up shop in my super sexy, boney, 150 lb elderly looking body.

We also found out that we can now stretch out our check-up appointments to every 2 weeks. This is great news. We will now only need to go to Boston twice a month vs. every week.

Even though my counts look great, I continue to struggle with eating. I think the worst of that is behind us. Certain food tastes better at times. I am having about 2 milkshakes a day to get some calories in. If they didn’t already have enough calories, Crystal bought the calorie packs that are nothing more than 330 calories. She had to buy them online.

In an effort to start to regain some muscle, I decided to setup my bike trainer in the basement.  Only 2/3's of our basement has been cleaned well enough for me to inhabit.  My bike was in the the furnace room.  This is a room that is strictly off limits due to dust and grime.  But, I wanted my bike...  so I held my breath, ran into the furnace room, dug to get to my bike (covered with Christmas paper filled trash bags awaiting their trip to the dump) and also grabbed my biking shoes.  By the time I was setup, I was already winded.   I ended up getting a 10 minute ride in.  Felt like 20 miles.

I still have no hair.  My eyebrows are starting to come back along with some sort of mutant mustache.


Sonya said...

Great to hear from ya Chad! So cool that your new immune system is 99%! Awesome news!
Entering the unsanitized "BOILER" room sounds a bit defiant, which speaks for itself.... your level of determination to ride!!
Thanks for the update! Big hopes for your eating to increase!

Anonymous said...

So happy to be able to read your blog tonight. Mike says that He has an Elvis wig if you are interested.....several different assortments actually....???? Sounds like things are getting better for you...acan't tell you how pleased we are tonight to read this from you. Remember now anytime you want some home made peanut butter fudge or homemade Peanut butter cups????just let me know waiting to start cooking...
Big hugs from here to you and Chrystal....keep up the good work Kiddo.
Glennyse & Mike

Mollie said...

I've never been offered home made pb cups....just sayin'
Good to hear from you chad!Hang in there!

Paul Tomlinson said...

The way I look at it, you have a great attitude and that is have the battle. Keep on riding the bike trainer, get in some good protein/carbohydrate shakes if you can and keep your head up because you are doing great!

Kevin @ Half TRI-ing said...

WONDERFUL NEWS!! Hang in there. You will be fully back into the saddle in no time.


Kyle said...

That is great news Chad. It is amazing, you are always moving in a forward direction with your recovery and activities. Don't worry about how big the steps long as they are in the right direction.

JJM said...

Great news!!!! Not so sure about the mutant mustache!

I am trying to remember someone offering me PB Cups and fudge at a moments notice too Mollie? Hmmmm guess we are out of favor!! No worries I will gladly step aside to allow Chad first dibs!

Jenn Roark said...

Great to read your update...glad to hear you are hanging in there and doing ok. I would have run in to get the bike too...for sure!! Stay positive and take care!! XOXO

Anonymous said...

Chad! We love reading these:) We miss you! Get better really soon!
Love The Dyers!

Anonymous said...

The previous post must have been from Caitlyn:)
Even though you now have 99% of your donors immune system, the old Chad is still there - this is evident by being defiant and going into the furnance room for your bike!...AND - if it makes you feel better, the 10 min bike ride would have felt like 20 miles for me too (and I didn't have a bone marrow transplant!)...Keep up the good work Chad! You're doing great and will be back at 175 soon enough. Tam

Erin said...

Have you tried Mexican Coke yet? haha Sounds funny (esp if you knew me now and knew how anti soda I am) but my friend who had her throat radiated as part of cancer-ass-kickage used to be all about it, said it was nice to be able to taste. Give your teeth a chance to catch up too, I'm sure you already know all that though! argh!

Your story about getting your bike trainer sounds like something I would do. You have such amazing DRIVE. I mean you feel like shit, prob look like shit but you are still your bust-ass self! YA BABY!

Stoked for you Chad! Much love from our family to yours.

Oh and ps, remember our reunion talk a few years back --- I'm holding you to it! I think I talked Corey into it too ;)