Saturday, November 13, 2010

Out For a Walk

Crystal made me get out of bed for a walk.


Anonymous said...

Nice mask. Lookin good. Glad to hear this step is behind you. Was on sharing your posts w/my husband. Looking forward to hearing more good news from you on the transplant. You have so many people out here thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way. You are doing a great job of keeping us all updated.

Best of luck in this next phase.

Donna B

Grant D said...

Lookin' good cousin. Good to see you up and moving. Keep it going.

Jenn Roark said...

Chad, I have been away this past week and was very anxious to come home and check in on your blog to see how things were going. Sounds like things are going as they should and that is wonderful to hear. You look good, as always!!! I have been thinking of you a lot over the last few days (and thinking of Crystal too). Hang in there...this will be over soon!!!

sonya said...

Glad Crystal knows how to keep you on your toes:)

JoeP said...

Good to see you up and about . Karen and I are thinking about you.

Anonymous said...

run Forest run
thanks Crystal

Anonymous said...

Awesome, Stay positive and keep moving... Your doing great and lots of prayers & energy are coming your way!!!!

Melissa Myssie

Kevin said...

That's not a walk. It's your first training run after the transplant. :-) Keep training buddy. Soon you will be back in the races beating my slow butt. :-)