Saturday, February 6, 2010

Good week

Had a good week training.  Got a total of 12 miles running, 30 miles on bike trainer and possibly getting a swim in tomorrow.

Had a birthday this week.  Just turned 37.  I don't feel it though.  Maybe late 20's.  Definately not late 30's!!!  Where does time go?  It is sobering.

Love the new bike trainer.  I have it setup in the basement in the utility room (furnace room).  Average temp in there is around 78.  Makes for a warm ride.  But a hell of a sweat!.

Have Polar Bear 5K next weekend.  Will try to get out this week and run the course a few times at lunch.  Will be interested to see how my time compares with next year.  I feel as though I was in better shape last year.  We shall see.

Thanks for the birthday cards everyone and the birthday wishes on Facebook. 

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MaineSport said...

Happy birthday, and I'm glad the training is going well!